I’ve had anorexia for 8 years and have been meeting with Jess for the past 5 years. Seeing Jess throughout this time has been a huge help and she has encouraged and helped me to take steps forward in my recovery At times having an eating disorder can be one of the loneliest and isolating things-when I felt like no one cared or understood Jess helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Talking to Jess about the struggles I’m going through and my fears and concerns about recovery is extremely helpful as she can relate to it and understand in ways that someone who hasn’t had an eating disorder can’t. The fact that Jess herself has recovered from an eating disorder has been an inspiration to me, hearing her experiences has helped me to realise that I’m not alone and seeing her life now gives me hope that recovery is possible. Over the past 5 years Jess has become a good friend and I wouldn’t have made the progress that I’ve made in my recovery without her help and support.

Bryony, 2015