I have always taken pride in being an independent person, so when I began feeling down and ‘out of sort’ the last thing I thought I needed was help from someone I did not know, so I pushed and pushed myself until breaking point before I realised that I needed someone to talk to. I thought asking for help showed that you were weak and therefore dependable on someone – which bruised my pride! Although, when my academic advisor at university suggested I speak to someone – I thought I would take up the opportunity.

When visiting Jess I was so nervous and if I’m honest I didn’t think it would help me. But as soon as I entered the room and began speaking to her, she calmed me down just by listening to me rant. I never thought it would be so easy to feel so relaxed and willing to tell my life story around someone I had never met before.

Since my meetings with Jess, I have increased my self-efficacy and self-esteem. I have been able to control my anxiety much more than I had previously and have recommended Jess to friends who are also struggling to balance the stresses of everyday life. Jess has enabled me to understand and pin point where issues may arise from by encouraging wider thinking outside the sessions – things which I would have never linked together. I am so thankful for how Jess has enabled me to see the brighter side during my dark bouts of anxiety. I would highly recommend her to anyone; she’s not only a great listener but such a lovely person as well!

Ashleigh, 22