Hope is like food….you starve without it.


This week has involved such a variety of work situations. However, during one of my 1-1 sessions with a lovely lady this week, she pulled out this message that she had received in a fortune cookie at a restaurant. We both had such a giggle because it was so funny that she happened to receive it, however, the message is so true.

Throughout the different work and life situations that I have encountered this week, all the people needed hope. We can’t live without it. When we are in the middle of difficult life circumstances whether that is an eating disorder or something else we all need to know that life is going to be better than it is at the moment. If we don’t believe that then it makes things very difficult to change.

A few close friends that are very special to me both shared this video on Facebook this week. I wanted to share it with you because it brought tears to my eyes.

There are times in our lives when we need help to get free, we can’t see how to do that or where to start. If we let others help us they often can help start the process. The end of the video is just beautiful and it shows such freedom. If you do anything today, let others help you, let them give you the hope you might need in this very moment.